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Td’M – Road Trip Day 19: I Love Lucy


Day 19

It was wet last night. Very wet. When I say wet I mean the creek we camped next to was dry when we went to bed became FULL and dangerously flowing by the morning. It rained and it rained hard. For over eight hours or at least that’s when I finally went to sleep.

The Howling Moon RRT was great and kept us dry. Kinda. It didn’t leak, but it was still moist because of the humidity and the moisture we brought in on our clothes. No problem. It was a good test of the tent and it passed with flying colors.

After getting up, drying as much as possible, and packing, we hit the road for…Jamestown, PA. Why? What’s in Jamestown you ask?

The Desilu Museum. Yes, that’s right the home of I Love Lucy!!

Ok, I thought it would be a bit hokey and a quick “Ya, there’s some Lucy crap. Lets go.” type of thing, but NOOOOO! It was interesting. They had the sets, the costumes, props, and other memorabilia on display. Everything reminded me of episodes and jokes. The sets were really cool because you could see the size and such. Seriously, it was a surprisingly pleasant experience.

After that we drove south through Pennsylvania toward a more sobering visit at Gettysburg. That’ll be interesting too. And thought provoking.

I always thought the kitchen was yellow.

The set when they were visiting Hollywood and staying at the fictitious Beverly Palms Hotel.

Some of the costumes and props from the show.

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  1. Trey Dr. P. Jul 24th 2013

    Loving it. Really loving your blog. But WET??? Come here…I’ll show you wet. I’m in Monsoon India. I KNOW wet. LOL..

    See you soon, Pal.


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