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5/5 Posts and Sites You Should Read for 4/29/11

Here are the photography blog posts and sites that I found this week that I think you as a photographer should read. Not all of them are always related to photography, but they are worth looking at and will probably make you think.


STACY PEARSALL on Scott – This is one of the most compelling reads I have come across in a long time.

Glamour Posing – An interesting read about posing glamour shots.

How to Steal Like an Artist – A very good read about original thinking. And it’s entertaining.

7 Tips for Helping Women Love having their Photo Taken by You – Some good ideas about putting women at ease as you take their pictures.

Is Your Brain Sleeping While You are Awake? – A scary post at Nat Geo about the consequences of lack of sleep.


photoSIG – A good site to have your images reviewed and critiqued.

Photo Rumors – The name says it all.

Resize It – A cool website that allows you to resize your images.

Scott Kelby – Come on! It’s Scott Kelby, the master of all things Photoshop and Lightroom. ‘Nuf said.

Photography Corner – A good resource of photo blogs and websites.

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