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5/5 Posts and Sites You Should Read for 11/5/10

Here are the posts and sites that I found that I think you as a photographer should read. Not all of them are always related to photography, but take a look at them.


Photofocus Nik HDR Efex Pro Review – This is an HDR plug-in that I keep hearing about from quite a few good photographers.

A History of Nikon SLR Lenses – Nikon’s 44 tales of their important lenses.

21 Wedding Tips for Amateur Photographers – This is a pretty good list of what to do and think about if you are new to the wedding industry.

20 Strange Sex Laws – Ok, not photographic, but some of them will make you think: What the…?

10 Tips for Photo Composition – Like the title says from


f164 – This is Gavin Seim’s travel and fine art photography website. Gavin is host of The Pro Photo Show podcast and has some sick HDR images. Also, he is more than willing to share his ideas, experiments, and thoughts on photography.

PPA – Professional Photographers of America. This is the organization I will be joining at the first of the year. They have some serious benefits for professional photographers.

Pickup Specialties – Ok, not photo related, but if you are looking for an accessory for your truck or SUV, this is the place to look.

Henri Cartier Bresson – Photo history. I personally don’t like or get his work, but he did have a huge influence on the photo industry. Or at least how we take pictures.

Monterey Bay Aquarium – This is a must see if you are in the area.

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