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5/5 Posts and Sites You Should Read for 11/19/10

Here are the posts and sites that I found this week that I think you as a photographer should read. Not all of them are always related to photography, but they are worth looking at and will probably make you think.


The Post Digital Era – Chris Marquardt gives his point of view on film verses digital. I’ll be posting my opinion on this in the near future.

Nature Photographers Behaving Badly – Jim Goldstein posted an interesting article on how photographers behave.

7 Reasons to Join a Photography Organization – From

Sensor Size Explained – For the techy geek, here is everything you probably wanted to know about digital camera sensor size.

A Year in Yosemite – This is a Sierra Club post(s) about a woman who took her family to live in the valley. It’s kinda interesting.


LensFlare 35 – As I said in yesterday’s post, the best photography podcast in the podosphere.

Ken Lee Photography – This is a great site with lots of images to inspire your nature/landscape photography.

Denis Reggie – Wedding photographer to the ultra-elite.

Platon – Ok, it is a guy with one name. Get over it. He takes GREAT portraits. You’ve seen them, you just don’t know it.

Nik Software – I am beginning to appreciate what this software can do for your post production.

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